Amkucha Progress Report – Where’s the last four weeks gone?

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Nearly a hundred tunes already dropped already!

Simple sums – twenty five tunes, give or take, needed for each two hour show. To give a bit of a breakdown forty nine of those tracks have been on vinyl and the rest digital. Embracing digital mixing has been a learning curve, I’ve always been aware of the huge and obvious benefits but it’s surprised even myself how the percentage is now almost fifty percent of the music I play on the show. If you’d have asked me at the start I probably would’ve projected maybe 10-20% digital and the rest vinyl!

Generally the sound is going in the direction I envisaged with the concept, and as each week’s show passes I feeling a better representation of my tastes and the theme are heard in the overall picture, and hopefully Amkucha will start to build it’s own identity. Some weeks I’m aiming to play more uptempo sounds, more Italo, dream house, deep 4/4 vibes, some Balearic Beat, and others I’ve got planned as pure chillage, but so far each show’s been a sort of build through from one to the other.

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I know it’s early days but the support’s been great and the feedback has been well received and appreciated. The sheer volume of great music I’ve still got to spin is staggering and I’m looking forward in great anticipation to sharing with the listeners week by week.

Massive thanks goes out to the following producers and labels for promos and digital sounds – Micko Roche, Timm Sure/Coyote/Is It Balearic?, Joe Morris, James Bright, Andy Pye/Balearic Social, Jim Breese/Balearic, Alkalino, Grant Williams/Eclectics, Blair French, Marcel Janovsky, Justin Weems/Faint Waves, David Backes/JB DIzzy, DF Tram.

Here’s an amalgamated list of of the tunes used in those first four shows to give you a flavour – 

  • A Man Called Adam – Techno Power (on 33)
  • A Separate Reality – Everywhere You Look
  • Andres Y Xavi – This Time
  • Apiento – Things You Do For Love (Heartbeat)
  • Atlas – Madrigl
  • Atlas – Simpatia
  • Blue Roots – Swan Song
  • Blue Vision – Leila (Variation)
  • Bonnie & Klein – 1983 (Ron Basejam Remix)
  • Bonnie & Klein – Aguavivas
  • Caia – Le Telecabine
  • Calle Gravina – Venezuela
  • China Crisis – Blue Sea
  • Compro Oro – Ten Dollar Jeans Jacket
  • Cool Notes – Secrets Of The Night
  • Coyote – Feedback Valley
  • Coyote – Ranura De Marihuana
  • Coyote – Shimmer Dub
  • Daniel Ibbotson – Blue, Brown & Black
  • D-Code – Heavenly
  • De Wolfe Music – By Design
  • Deborah Haslam – Let Me Trouble (Alkalino Re Edit)
  • Discodor – Fille De Sables
  • DJ Food – The Dawn
  • Eirwud Mudwasser – Ziggurat
  • Escape From New York – Fire In My Heart (Instrumental)
  • F3 – Lonely (Seahawks Remix)
  • G.A.N.G. – Incantations
  • Ghost – Showtime 87
  • Ghost – Stay A While (Instrumental)
  • Golden Bug – Ground
  • Hammatan – Don’t Turn Away
  • History – Afrika (Instrumental)
  • Hunter – Forever Young (Viciousi ‘87 Remix)
  • Ian O’Brien – Mina’s Blues
  • Jackie Genova – The Cool Down
  • James Bright – Sula
  • James Bright – Transmission Station (Original)
  • James Bright – World So High
  • Jansen Jardin – Beat
  • Jeux Floraux – Desire
  • Joao Donato – Cala Boca Menino
  • Joe Morris – Dream Clouds
  • Joe Morris – Emerald Mountain
  • John Lennon – Beautiful Boy (Euhu Redu)
  • John Luna & John Williams – Habanera Smile
  • Junei – Let’s Ride
  • Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Marcel Janovsky Dub)
  • Laid Back – Fly Away (Poolside Edit)
  • L’Eclair – Disco Dino
  • L’Eclair – Le Arrivee Au Port De Lagos
  • Les Edits Du Golem – Les Minnots
  • Level 42 ‎– The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (’98 Instrumental)
  • LTJ Bukem – Point Of View
  • Man Jumping – Aerotropics
  • Merc & Monk – Baby Face (Instrumental)
  • Mercy Mercy – It Must Be Heaven (Dancemix Pt II)
  • Micatone – Mon Coeur
  • Michael David – Rain II
  • Michael David – There In Spirit
  • Micko Roche – Brisas De Verano
  • Micko Roche – E Drop
  • Mini Curry – 100% (Instrumental)
  • Model 500 – Astralworks
  • Native Cruise – Late Nights
  • Olivier Rogg – GE/CH:Seq
  • Paradiso – Here We Go Again (Herestrumental Mix Down Dub)
  • Parkwerks – Secret To Success Dub
  • Parkwerks – Tranquility Dub
  • Peter Godwin – French Emotions
  • Piero Umiliani – Crepuscolo Sul Mare
  • Piper – Samba Night
  • Poolside – Gimme What You Got
  • Poolside – Sunrise Strategies
  • Private Agenda – Ultramarine
  • Psychemagik – Sister Of The Moon
  • Quiet Force – Listen To The Music
  • Rare Silk – Storm
  • Richard H Kirk – Oneski
  • Rising Sun – Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine
  • Rising Sun – The River Experiment II
  • Rouge Mecanique – Cosi Cosi
  • Ryo Kawasaki – Sophisticated Lady
  • Sabres Of Paradise – Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)
  • Scha Dara Parr – N.I.C.E. Guy (Guitar Dub)
  • Scott Grooves – Liberian Girl
  • Shokk – Stay (Instrumental)
  • Simone – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser
  • Skintone – Lennox Avenue Butterfly
  • Steve Optix – Slow Roller Edit
  • Test Card – Too Soon For Yesterday
  • The Beatmasters – Midnight Girl
  • The Polo Club – Jailbreak (night Mix)
  • Tim Love Lee – Triple X Togetherness Pt 2
  • Vogue – V.O. – C’est Comme Ca L’ete
  • Wally Badarou – Chief Inspector (Vine Street)
  • Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Deep & Slow Chill Edit)
  • Yvonne Archer – Ain’t Nobody

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Steve Optix Presents Amkucha

Steve Optix Presents Amkucha - Facebook event cover

Amkucha is my new weekly radio show broadcast on Kane fm 103.7 in Guildford and surrounding areas and online – worldwide – at

Tune in on Tuesdays between 1900-2100 GMT

Each week I’ll be exploring deep and vibrant sounds from the 1970’s to the present day. Soaking in eclecticism, taking in Mediterranean sands and Balearic sensibilities

Be it deep electronica, lovers rock, jazz funk, or lo-fi chill, it’s all got a place here on Amkucha

For show recordings and full track lists please follow the Amkucha page on Facebook

If you have digital or vinyl promos please email details to

Two Weeks In Already!

The second session in my new Vinyl Lab sessions, this one taking in cuts far and wide, as is par for the course!

Disco, Bossa Nova, Acid, Downtempo, Jazz Funk, Soul and Afro Beats order of the day here!

Link to show on Mixcloud


Full track list below, tune in at my Facebook page, Mondays 1900-2000 GMT


    Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw – The Executive
    Les Masque – Il Faut Tenir
    Larry Graham & Graham Central Station – Is It Love
    Lou Hayter – Cherry On Top
    George Benson – Dinorah Dinorah
    Chaka – African Rhapsody Pt 1
    Teddy Pendegrass – You Can’t Hide From Yourself
    Johnny Chingas – Phone Home (Instrumental)
    Osibisa Woyaya – Beautiful Seven
    Windy City – Acid Dreams
    Voyage – From East To West
    Andres Y Xavi – Never been to Ibiza
    Aswad – Feelings
    Van McCoy & The Soul City Orchestra – Hey Girl Come And Get It
    Ashley Beedle presents The Uschi Classen Band – Do You Believe In Love

Vinyl Lab live sessions

Starting Monday 4th November 2019 1900-2000 GMT

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while, I’ve finally got all the pieces in place!

This new show, just an hour of your time required, showcasing dug up gems, new releases, obscurities, and forgotten slices of underground sounds….

Broadcast weekly on Facebook Live via the DJ Steve Optix Facebook page and sessions will be uploaded to Mixcloud and YouTube.

Expect a serious cross section! 

Tune in at the Steve Optix Facebook page

Hope to see you there 🙂

Why the compulsion to always put music into mixes?

Why does every song need a context when so many are works of art wence stood alone?

Sure, over the last thirty years there’s been house, techno, drum & bass tracks that are accomplished productions and solid sounds, but purely filler. And many work well, join a dot, create the context, shape the journey, but alone they’re lost.

What I’m talking about is good music, really good music. Songs you remember, songs that inspire, songs that change your life. Still I feel the compulsion to write a story with them.

A good mix is often called a journey. Maybe this is a little cliched now but if you are a true lover of music and a DJ that’s fortunate enough to be allowed to curate your own sound, then every needle drop a new journey begins.

Personally – and this may be every record buyer ever – I hear a sound, a paragraph in the story not yet written, and I must have! And the constant strive can be to find a narrative to slip this plot twist into.

Every vinyl DJ, (And digital, I’m sure, but I’m not qualified for digital DJ insight), has their record room/shelves/basement/loft/out house (dis-)organised into stacks of ‘chapters’. Each of those chapters containing numerous paragraphs just waiting to be arranged into a coherent trip, aural, metaphorical.

Others – and I know many – just haven’t re-filed their last set!

As usual maybe I’m flexing the grey matter too deeply on this? What is true however is that if a sound resonates with me, on the wants list it goes, as one day – the day that never comes for a collector/sharer of music – the manuscript will be finished.

Multi Genre Affliction

I truly envy DJs who play just one genre of music. I feel afflicted by the fact that I love, crave and desire such a large cross section of genres, moods and energies, I honestly think it’s been a barrier to personal furtherance in this industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my lot, I think though maybe having your cake and eating it when you want to play a mixture of disco, funk, soul, Balearic, house, acid, jazz, progressive, electro, breaks, techno, samba, bossa, sleaze, yacht rock, tribal, afro, chilled, downtempo, ambient, trip hop, drum & bass, boogie, Italo, easy listening, indie, big beat, warehouse, acid, broken beats, hip hop, electrofunk, jazz funk, new wave, chug, synthwave, nu jazz, nu disco, edits and re-edits, is just not possible?

You think I’m joking just check my Mixcloud!

For years I’ve wanted to open my own bar – I think the reason for this is just so that I can indulge in my multi genre selections!

Could you pick just four genres that tick your boxes? Do you struggle staying within one or two?

Every time I get close to narrowing things down I hear a track, mix or DJ that reminds me of why I love that particular sound and could never eject it from the record box. Balearic as a whole is a good pigeon hole for me but only because Balearic is a vibe, not a sound, although it has a sound, if that makes sense! There are others that class Balearic as big room summer house, some as trancey, many – And where I’m at – class it as the melting pot of good feels and sunset laden sounds. I guess though it comes down to ‘if you know, you know’.

Anyways, I’ll plod on, dropping what makes me tingle, makes me move, or move and tingle!

Parents Evening 3rd August 2019

The next installment of Parents Evening will be held at The Funky End, Aldershot, on Saturday 3rd August 2019. Entrance is free, just needing to register for your free ticket at The night will be broadcast live on and will feature myself alongside the highly experienced Joe Flanagan and DJ Mystery.